DICT Streamlines Registration, Regulation, and Monitoring of ITCs, SPPOs and PEMEDES Operators

DICT Department Circular No. 01-2022 entitled “Rationalizing the Registration, Accreditation, and Monitoring of Independent Tower Companies (ITCs), Satellite Service Providers and Operators (SPPOs), and Private Express and/or Messengerial Delivery Service (PEMEDES) Operators” was issued last April 08, 2022. The circular covers ITCs, SPPOs and PEMEDES Operators, and provides a system to accelerate the registration, accreditation, regulation and monitoring of the said entities.

Key provisions

  • ITCs are required to apply for registration with the DICT. An ITC Certificate of Registration shall be valid for five years and renewable for the same period.
  • For SSPOs, they must be accredited by the DICT, as evidenced by a valid and subsisting SSPO Accreditation Certificate. The SSPO Accreditation Certificate shall be valid for five years, subject to renewal upon complete and proper application for renewal filed within the third month preceding the prior certificate’s expiration.
  • Meanwhile, no express and/or messenger delivery service firm shall operate in the Philippines without possessing “Authority to Operate and/or Messenger Delivery Service.” The authority may be amended, suspended or cancelled when the public interest so requires or whenever the holder thereof has violated any relevant order, rule or regulations. Those who fail to apply for renewal/extension on time shall be considered “colorum” operators and shall be liable for penalties.
  • Any violation or circumvention of the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations shall constitute sufficient grounds for the suspension, cancellation or revocation of the registration, accreditation, authorization as well as the imposition of such administrative fines as may be authorized by applicable laws, rules and regulations, and issuances. In addition, the offender shall be subjected to appropriate enforcement and investigation proceedings with a view towards instituting such civil, criminal, administrative cases, or any combination thereof, as may be warranted pursuant to applicable laws, guidelines, rules and regulations, and other issuances.

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